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Historical Location

Name: Rochester State Hospital

Category: Hospital; Psychiatric ward

Size: Huge

Condition: Okay

Patients, doctors, nurses

Map Location:

Description (ca. 1921):
The Rochester State Hospital was founded in 1857 as the Monroe County Insane Asylum. The name was changed to the Rochester State Hospital when the state of New York. The asylum was meant to be a place where those who were deemed insane, mentally unsound, or had a mental condition that prevented them for the participation of everyday life and tried to detach itself from the negative connotation of what an “insane asylum” was normally associated with at the time. It served as a place where families could put their trust in the fact that patients would be properly cared after and a place where patients could be happier and possibly resume living outside of the asylum. Although the hospital had a pretty positive history, they couldn’t escape the negatives that comes with running an asylum. The hospital as such was no stranger to the occasional escaped patient, outbursts, patient on patient violence, and the rare case of patient on patient homicide. The hospital also had issues with serving rotten food, such as rotten eggs and spoiled meat, to the patients.