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Fictional location

Name: Rochester Mechanics and Machinery

Category: Machine shop

Size: Small

Condition: Slightly run down

Inhabitants: Mechanics and Engineers (employees)

Map Location: Water St., F2

Description (ca. 1921):
Rochester Mechanics and Machinery was opened in 1897 by Charles Floyd and Henry Thorne, two mechanical engineers. They built the shop to manufacture gun parts as part of a government contract, and business boomed when the war broke out. They hired RAMI graduates to help build up their shop and extended it into the neighboring building. However, with the end of the war came huge losses in income and Floyd and Thorne had to let go of several employees, choosing to keep the ones who had been with them longest, and downsize the shop again. Both open minded men, on the rare occasion they had extra work they would pay the daughter of one of their oldest employees, Miss Kathleen Browne, to come in and work. Henry Thorne recently became ill and Floyd has begun looking for a new business partner to save their beloved shop.