FRochester Grand Steam Fairgrounds.jpgictional location

Name: Rochester Grand Steam Fairgounds

Category: Fairgrounds

Size: Very large

Condition: Well-maintained around the time of the fair; moderately maintained other times

Inhabitants: Fair participants and guests during fair time

Map Location: B1

Description (ca. 1921): Each March, Rochester's Independent Artisan's Guild and the Tinkerer's Market join forces to host the Rochester Grand Steam Fair. The Fair is meant to showcase the newest inventions and innovations in steam technology, and bring in investors for new craftspeople and seasoned industry veterans alike. Steam engineers and artisans, merchants and business-people, and people from all walks of life are drawn to Rochester from across the United States and across the world during the week of the Fair. From the beginning of the year up to the start of the Fair, many people can be seen around the Fairgrounds, doing the many jobs that are required to set up for the Fair. During the Fair, the Fairgrounds becomes a bustling center of Rochester life, playing host to many local businesses and groups. Many tents and temporary buildings dot the grounds of the park and the area is loud and lively at all hours of the day. At all other times of the year, the Fairgrounds are rented out by the city for any events that require large amounts of space.