Fictional location

Name: Rochester Central Bank & Trust

Category: Bank

Size: Medium, able to fit a couple dozen patrons along with extensive areas for vaults and bankers.

Condition: Well-maintained.

Inhabitants: Charles Bismarck

Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921): Built from marble and looking every bit the part, the Rochester Central Bank & Trust is relatively a new part to the Rochester scenery. Built just before the war, it offered competitive rates and options to those willing to turn from their old banks. As such, the bank did tremendously well with the influx of new money into Rochester, spurning many once-poor artisans and newly middle-class citizens to return often. While it lacks the backing of the more historical – flush with old Rochesterian money – banks, Rochester Central is notedly more proactive, which some would call "aggressive", in its business operations, both in debt collections and handing out loans. As such, its bankers and loan officers have been rumored, on occasion, to grant loans to the more shady characters in the city.