Mechanics Institute.jpgHistorical Location

Name: RAMI - Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute

Category: School



Inhabitants: Hundreds of students; the gender ration is about equal in enrollment

Map Location: D2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Rochester Anthenæum Mechanics and Institute is well known for its progressiveness and steampunk innovation. Unlike many other tech. schools throughout America, RAMI has an established co-op program, which was started by President Bibson in 1912. These co-ops worked with new steam companies. However, RAMI does not offer degrees (they only provided 2 year certificates) for their programs, but they have partnered with the University of Rochester so they can provide actual degrees. This is done so that when people take classes at both schools they can earn their degree, which was issued by the University of Rochester. RAMI offered both day and night classes.

Women, most of whom are in the Domestic Arts program, are allowed to take any class at RAMI—however, RAMI is being pressured into dropping the domestic programs in order to receive sponsorship from new steam technology companies. RAMI is prolonging this as long as possible, but due to monetary investments, it’s waning.

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