riverside_cemetery.jpgHistorical Location

Name: Riverside Cemetery

Category: Cemetery

Size: 123 acres (498,000 m²) (0.2 square miles)

Condition: Almost empty.


Map Location: A1

Description (ca. 1921):
Founded in 1892, Riverside Cemetery was founded to serve the growing population of the northern side of the city at the turn of the century. Privately owned, the cemetery can be found between Lake Avenue and the Genesee River quite far to the north.

With less than 20,000 entombed in the cemetery many residents still find it hard to believe the sparsely populated fields are intended to house the dead instead of playgrounds and baseball fields. For now, residents choose not to ask questions, and continue to use most of the yard as recreational space until told to otherwise not with little hassle. Though, management does prohibit certain parts of the cemetery from them, citing privacy and status of the deceased and grieving as a reason. And among the common sights journeying into these fenced off portions, one of note is the visiting priest from the inner city, Father Gregory Sauer. Who many of the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods rush out to meet when they can catch him. However, there are some whispers about his evening visits to the cemetery stirring in the local. Additionally, an uncommon sight for the local populace is the young southern city dweller, Brandon Westland, whose name rings familiar in their ears, but cannot be placed to an action or status.