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Name: Richard North
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Pinkerton
Home Location: Small apartment in Rochester
Memberships/Factions: Pinkertons/Police (Will work for nearly anyone at the right price)
Relationships: Not currently in relationship; no family
Rusty the dog (pet and closest friend)
Disposition: Intimidating/Cold
High concept: Wants to make it to the next day and eventually get out of the city
Special skills/abilities: Brawling, Shooting, Drinking, Street Smarts
Notable flaws/weaknesses: He does not trust others and does not accept anyone's help;
he is unwilling to talk about his past or his personal issues
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: Usually hired by industrialists or aristocrats as a bodyguard, helps bootleggers to get his own alcohol
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): stands over six feet tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes, sturdy build, smooth white skin,
weathered and dirty brown vest
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
To meet his needs and desires and
survive to the next day
Do his job at any cost and
gradually save his money
Being able to afford getting
out of the city and escaping his problems
Personal Item: North's Smith & Wesson


Background (family, education, important life events)
Richard was born in the city of Rochester in 1883 to Adam and Jane North. He had a tough childhood and upbringing while growing up with a poor family. His younger brother died as an infant and when his father lost his job he turned to alcohol, eventually abandoning Richard and his mother. Richard had to earn everything he had and did not do well in school. He mainly kept to himself and did not have many friends. He spent his days wandering the city streets and getting into fights. The only person he felt close to was his mother, who tried to to look out for him and raise him to be successful. He grew up to hate business owners and the wealthy because they refused to give him or his mother a job. She died from tuberculosis when he was 20, and he was left alone in the city. He struggled to find a purpose until he meet an eccentric traveling vendor a year later. He was amazed by the vendor's lifestyle and at the goods that came from outside of the city. He promised himself that he would earn enough money to eventually leave this hellhole and find a new life.
Richard joined the Pinkerton organization because he knew it was a good, if controversial, source of income and because he did not want to work for any bureaucrats or aristocrats(even though they would end up hiring him). He used the street skills he learned as a youth to quickly become one of the best, and most notorious, Pinkertons. He was very effective at threatening labor unions or blackmailing rebellious workers and many citizens view him as a heartless thug who is only to the dollar. During one of his "routine" labor strikes jobs Richard was forced to shoot an aggressive agitator and the strike turned into a violent riot. Over a dozen strikers were killed and multiple Pinkerton agents were murdered. It was at this point that Richard turned to the bottle; just like his father had.

Current Biography (ca. 1921): He currently lives in a small apartment with his dog Rusty. He typically works as a body guard for the rich or as a strike breaker for local industrialists. He still keeps mostly to himself and constantly pleasures himself in brothels and speakeasies to suppress his emotions. His greatest fear is that he will end up like is father, become trapped in the city, and die in the street like a hopeless bum.
He has become famous among the Pinkertons for his negotiating skills as well as his talents in a fight. He has not embraced the new steam technology or culture and believes this "revolution" is only causing more conflict for the city. Recent jobs have become even more dangerous due to the rise of tensions and increase in riots. He continues to distrust any organized authority or union and is believes he can afford to leave the city very soon.. He has recently been aiding some bootleggers to get his own supply of alcohol and possibly find a route out of Rochester.