Fictional character

Name: Riccardo Nascoto

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Italian

Profession: Editor for the Informant

Location: F3

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Charismatic, Caring, Writing, Athletic, Perceptive.

Riccardo is roughly 5'9 with a fairly tough appearance, though he's a pacifist at heart. He keeps himself well kept, unlike his cousin Dino, and is often trying to get him to look more professional.

Biography (ca. 1921):
"Hey Dino, you're not getting into trouble without me again are you?" - Riccardo to Dino

Raised in a small town in italy, along with his cousin Dino, Riccardo grew up also in a working class family, though his father made more than Dino's. Adventurous from a young age, he often dragged around his younger cousin with him on whatever search for some tale he heard around town. This sparked his love of finding stories and telling others about them at a young age and even before his family leaving for the states when he was 18. Though he worried about his nervous little cousin, who he had seemed to spark something within, that had often gotten them in bad situations over the last few years.

Upon arriving, Riccardo picked up a job at the New York Times, however he also left the company once his group had noticed the withholding of information they split from the company and started the Informant newspaper, where he became one of the lead editors. Around this time he also heard about Dino's father's death and offered for them move to America to live with him and his family. After they arrived, he got Dino a job as a paperboy and eventually as a journalist. Though things have taken a turn for the better overall, he worries about Dino who has started exhibiting more and more strange behavior over the last few years.