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Fictional Item

Name: Protean Machine

Category: Automaton (custom)

Size/weight: 3'1", 121 lbs

Rarity: One of a Kind

Value: Unknown

Uses: Useless(unfinished), paper weight

Description (ca. 1921):

The Protean Machine was the dream of Ernest Garner to create a automaton to that could hold a replication of human consciousness, allowing a person to be effectively "immortal", with their mind theoretically being able to outlast their body. Garner believed it would change the world as we knew it. Whether this was designed as a result of a mid-life crisis, his inability to compete with new competition or as a way to cope with recent tragedy is unknown, even to Garner himself.

In 1911, Garner began building his Protean Machine with the help of his son, Nathan Garner. The two of the them spent the next two years working on it off and on, between the requests of Garner's clients and many other side projects. Garner aspired to create a design all his own, with the beauty and elegance that was expected of modern steam technology. He wanted the automaton components to be able to speak, form thoughts and memories, and move and interact with the world in all the same ways a human could. Its processes and programming would be managed by the consciousness, with steam powering its actions. Even if powered down, the consciousness would be preserved and capable of remembering previous events, as well as producing new memories when it was turned back on. Progress on the device stopped after it somehow powered itself on, crushing Nathan's arm as he was adjusting the internal pneumatic tubing.

Following the accident, it's production has been put on permanent hiatus. Many of its original parts have re-purposed for other projects, such as the pneumatic tubing and most of its gears. The entire mechanism that would have transferred the consciousness has been scrapped completely, leaving only some of the automaton components designed to receive that data intact. Currently the machine is near immobile, lacking limb function. It can turn its head and occasionally its eyes will move slightly, as if it is adjusting to the light. The gears within its body are capable of movement, allowing the system to be powered on and off. All other functionality is thought to be non-existent.

The machine sits in the upstairs storage room of his mechanic shop, Garner's Gadgets, out of sight of the patrons. Nathan worked on it some nights at the shop if he had the time, but was usually too busy with work or school to work on it as much as he would like. As it stands, the model is currently useless.

Since rebooting the project officially with Gabrielle Garnier, Nora Marshall, and Emily Ballard, he has abandoned this model completely. Him and Emily use some of his father's old notes and designs to work on a new machine to transfer consciousness while Gabrielle and Nora are crafting a new shell to house that information. Because of this, it is highly unlikely this prototype will ever be finished, as the group is creating a new one from scratch.