Image of the Regiblaster Estate
Image of the Regiblaster Estate

Fictional location

Name: Regiblaster Estate
Category: Mansion
Size: Large
Condition: Well Maintained
Inhabitants: Archibald, Gregory, Ambrosia, Bishop, Horus, others
Map Location: D5

Description (ca. 1921)

The Regiblaster Estate is located on the far side of East Ave. Looming from the center of the plot is the mansion which has a simple yet elegant design. It’s blockish appearance is a large and impressive one. The walls are painted a marble white and are cleaned daily by the house staff. There are grand windows on all sides that allow a healthy amount of natural light to enter the house. The second story is littered with balconies, but the one on the east side is the largest by far. Archibald can often be seen here tinkering with machinery, however those who work for him spread rumors of a more sinister lab hiding within the mansion where he performs wicked experiments such as the creation of Bishop.

Once inside though, that rumor is expertly dispelled or disguised. As far as the common visitor can see, there are no secret labs hiding underneath the house. The main hall has two stair cases that bend upwards to the second floor, which are upholstered with a rich red carpet line with golden frills. The bottom floor mainly consists of parlors for each family member’s daily activities and a large kitchen and dining hall. When the Regiblaster’s hold social gatherings they predominantly take place on the first floor.

The second floor is where the bedrooms and guest rooms are located. There are two large hallways that extend to the east and west wings of the house that start at the top of the main stairwell. Each bedroom is accompanied by a balcony that the inhabitant can use to enjoy the pleasantries of the outdoors from a safe place.

Aside from the deliberately placed foliage, the grounds surrounding the house are rather empty. Extending from East Ave to the house is a long, winding driveway that follows that shape of the land ever so nicely. Halfway up the driveway is a roundabout where a large fountain is located, which creates a small roundabout for cars driving up.

Image Credit: The Travis Mansion