Fictional location

Name: Regiblaster Clothing Works

Category: Factory

Size: One City Block

Condition: Under retrofitting

Workers: Theodore Meyer, Ambrosia Regiblaster

Map Location: City block of White St, Lyell Ave, and Lake Ave. C2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Regiblaster Clothing Works is the cornerstone of the Regiblaster family's long lasting aristocracy. A tall, multi-story brick building taking up an entire city block, the outsides are stained with the soot of coal-burning furnaces and an ever lingering stream of midnight black smoke belches into the usually cloudy Rochester sky. Windows line the top floor of the building, letting enough sun spill into the Works on Rochester's rare cloudless days that the factory can be run without the need of artificial light. Three tall smokestacks puncture the roof, equidistant from each other and the sides.

Inside, the ground floor of the works is a maze of machinery that spills steam and smoke into the air, giving it a distinctly burnt taste and smell. The clatter of metal against metal rings out at all hours of day and night, a factor of life for those who live nearby. It is recommended that workers inside the factory bring and wear some kind of earmuffs, even in the city's short but brutally hot summers, to diminish the din of the factory's machines. Where the second floor should be is instead a maze of catwalks that lead to the different machines running in the shop. There is no third floor, but high above the rest of the works and in the corner are nestled two offices - one belonging to the factory manager Theodore Meyer and the other to his secretaries. From his office, Theodore can look down upon the workers in the factory like a king looking down upon his domain.

Workers in Regiblaster Clothing Works are expected to work long hours - there is no small amount of public concern about Archibald Regiblaster's demands that his employees work day and night, as well as over weekends and holidays.

Theodore is currently in the process of retrofitting the entire factory. Where previously the machinery was running on steampunk power provided by large, coal burning furnaces, he is replacing them with geothermal steam power. As a favor to his brother, Thomas Meyer Jr., Theodore had geothermal steam lines run to the factory through the Rochester Underground. While this change in power is costly, Theodore hopes that it will prove cheaper in the long run, while lining both his and Thomas's pockets through the effort.