Fictional Item

Name: Reboiler

Category: Core Component

Size/weight: 3 lb - 10 lb

Rarity: Common

Value: $10 - $30

Uses: Compresses steam and regulates flow to optimize technology.


The Reboiler, designed in response to problems relating to steam retention and effectiveness, allows for extended compression in items where it is installed. Used initially during the Great War to power Allied automatons and weapons, it has since taken off and become an essential part of modern automobiles, construction equipment, and other higher priority technology.


The Reboiler was developed as an offshoot to the Automilitary Project in order to increase the effectiveness of steampowered automatons. Based on designs by William Tenerly, the Reboiler used curved brass tubing in a sealed container and heat distribution paneling to increase the effectiveness of steam compression. The design allows for small, controlled amounts of steam to be released as required by individual components, to reduce waste by 80%. Combined with other optimization practices, the effectiveness can be increased by upwards of 236%