Fictional Item

Name: RAMI Rapid Steam Compressor

Category: Machinery

Size/weight: Large, 180 tons

Rarity: New technology, aimed to be available to larger steam supplying companies/
private investors.

Value: $600+

Uses: Fueling of Compressed Steam Canisters

Description (ca. 1922): A magnificently new device created from the culmination of years of steam research over the years. Together with a large group of faculty and students, RAMI had managed to pull ahead from other creators to develop their new this new marvel of steam technology, aimed to keep aiding in the development of further technology.

Steam Canisters had been a rare occurrence, even among large steam companies and aristocrats alike. This was partially due to the device's long creation time and refueling time, especially for multi operational use. That along with the fact that the compression techniques prior had been lackluster and more for show than actual use; "Purely a proof of concept, not true innovation." - one professor at the Institute had claimed.

Seeing this RAMI had been developing their device for the last two years, using every and all resources available to the to discover better means of creating the canisters. Only recently had they made a breakthrough worthy to merit the long and expensive process they had been through over the last two years. The creation of a device that could fuel steam canisters in mere hours and with less power lost in the transfer. This advance would revolutionize the use of mobile steam devices, all over the country and will be revealed on New Years Day 1922.