The aftermath of the explosion

Fictional location

Name: RPTS Explosion Site (Friday Dec. 31st, 1920)
Category: Explosion Site/Hole in the ground
Size: Half a block radius
Condition: Ruined; High quality hole though
Inhabitants: Hector Rotceh
Map Location: Intersection of Child St. and Lime St., C1

Description (ca. 1921):
An explosion in the RPTS on Friday Dec. 31st tore open the ground beneath the intersection of Child St. and Lime St. The explosion blasted a hole in the street, destroying a large portion of the tunnel system and exposing it to the surface. Three people were killed and dozens more were injured as a result of the blast, including Archibald Regiblaster, whose convoy was caught in the blast while traveling through the city.

The explosion site has since been cordoned off and the affected portions of the tunnel system have been closed, though no significant reconstruction has begun. As a result, some of Rochester's homeless, including Hector Rotceh, have taken to inhabiting the crater, constructing makeshift shelters inside the sealed off tunnels. Construction is scheduled to begin by the spring, the rebuilding will now need to start with an eviction.

While the papers indicated that the explosion was a result of a hydraulic malfunction or faulty construction, the true cause was never confirmed. Many suspect the explosion was an attack orchestrated by anarchists, the crater remaining as scar on the city and a reminder of the terror that walks the streets. Others see the crater as a massive blemish on the city, with it and the homeless community festering within being just another issue city officials have failed to deal with.

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