Goods were brought into the Public Market by cart.
Goods were brought into the Public Market by cart.

Historical Location

Name: Public Market

Category: Market

Size: About 14 acres

Condition: Crowded

Inhabitants: Sellers, buyers

Map Location: Line between C3/C4

Description (ca. 1921):
The Public Market is a staple of Rochester, and is one of the primary sources of food for the city. After its move in 1905, the Public Market is now located in the heart of Rochester. Because of this, the Market is constantly bustling with sellers and customers trying to get the best deals they can. All kinds of meats, fruits and vegetables can be purchased, depending on the time of the year. Meats of all kinds, from beef and pork to fowl (meat and eggs) and oysters would have been readily available. Wheat products were also available in the form of breads, muffins, rolls, and pasta. Root vegetables and certain fruits, would be available all year round, with proper storage. Other kinds of fruits and vegetables would be the most dependent on the season.