Fictional Item

Name: Portable Dictation Machine (PDM) PDM.png

Category: Recording

Size/weight: Travelers bag / medium weight

Rarity: Used by certain job fields, as well as wealthier citizens

Value: $120

Uses: Voice and sound recording device.

Description (ca. 1921): Based on Alexander Graham Bell's original dictation machine, this PDM was a compact version of said device. It was used mainly in scientific fields, as researchers often needed to record their findings and thoughts, since carrying a large diction machine or writing their thoughts had proven to be a tedious endeavor. The new portable version was made to fit into a carrying bag, that any adult could carry, be it with some challenge varying between gender and physical fitness. This traveller's bag shaped recording device was later adapted by newspaper companies to be used by their better journalists, should they decide to use them. While not as commonly used in scientific endeavors or journalism, the Spyder was sibling to the PDM in that both evolved from Bell's original machine.