telescopic goggles.jpg
Fictional Item

Name: Personal Telescopic Augmenter

Category: Optics

Size/weight: 1.5 Pounds

Rarity: Rare

Value: Based on the quality of lenses, materials, and design, anywhere from $75 - $1,500

Uses: To increase the operator's vision with geared changes in lenses, going as far as 12x magnification.

Description (ca. 1921):
Seizing on the wave of airship transport, optical giants Bausch & Lomb created a personal, wearable pair of goggles that implemented their optics. These were designed specifically for the pilots, who often needed to see far towards the ground when landing, pre-empting the dangers of arriving at an airport. Bausch & Lomb is the manufacturer of the lenses; the often-leather straps and supports are sub-contracted out to tailors on a per-order basis, making sure that the fit is precise (so as to view through the sensitive lenses correctly).

The lenses themselves are housed in brass, moved under watch-esque amounts of machinery. A wheel on the side of the lens allows the user to adjust the level of magnification.