external image 348b5076a0830b397027fbbdf319e848.jpgFictional location

Name: Paradice

Category: Brothel/Gambler’s Den

Size: Small

Condition: Poor; Popular

Inhabitants: Manager, Prostitutes, Gamblers

Map Location: E2, Underground

Description (ca. 1921):
Paradice is not a well-kept venue. Broken and unkempt, the only defining feature of the building is the pair of dice etched into the entrance. On the inside, there’s not much room for people. Between the roulette, blackjack and other gambling tables, only around 50 people can comfortably stay in the building. With its popularity in the underground, it’s common for Paradice to house twice the amount of people than it should. Outside of the gambling area, there are seven private rooms. The rooms are used by willing customers and the prostitutes that work there for the right price. One might think that the private rooms would be well-kept for the performers, but they are actually just as poorly kept or even worse so than the main area. The only area that is relatively well-kept is the main office. The manager for Paradice runs the operations from this lonely room as well as keeps the money in a safe. It’s rumored that Paradice is looking to expand into a bigger location so it can house more tables, more rooms and more entertainment.