Fictional location

Name: Outskirts Motel

Category: Motel

Size: Medium

Condition: Abandoned, Falling Apart

Inhabitants: Brandon Westland

Map Location: B5

Description (ca. 1921):

Originally built in 1915 before the founding of the Britton Field airport, the Outskirt's motel was one of many quaint establishments serving lodging to both visitors and travelers passing through from Buffalo and Syracuse. Consisting of nearly twenty bedrooms across four buildings, five bedrooms each, and a center office where the landlord resided, the Motel was of moderate size. During its time it was regularly operating at fifty to sixty percent capacity, and was well maintained. Though certainly not an inner city hotel, the Outskirt's Motel served its purpose with little complaint or rabble from its customers. However, in 1920, after the airport began to regularly operate passenger flights and lodging with the city became more accessible and available near the airport, the mote closed. In the two years since operating the establishment it has deteriorated to a dangerous level. Besides the decorative decay such as curling wall paper, rotted wooden furniture and torn curtains there are some structural concerns. With some buildings lacking complete inner walls and looking more reminiscent of single long halls with bed frames and exposed pipe and wiring the days until its inevitable collapse grow closer.

However presently the motel does find use by its newest and only tenant Brandon Westland. Turning the establishment into a makeshift compound and hideout Westland, an indentured inventor to the infamous bootlegger and inner city priest, Gregory Sauer, has set each crumbling building up as separate workshops for his work while residing within the landlord's former home with little more than a mattress and steam-powered appliances. Operating at night, with solely candle light, and using a bicycle for transportation, associates aware of Westland's residence have to wonder if the atmosphere is good for his health.