FOscar Floyd.jpgictional character

Name: Oscar Floyd

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: African-American

Profession: Steam Merchant

Location: Tinkerer's Market; B1

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Friendly, eccentric, very knowledgeable of steam tools and parts

Biography (ca. 1921): Oscar grew up in Rochester as the only son of steam-engine mechanic and his wife. He did not attend school, instead assisting his father with his work, although he was never terribly skilled. By the time Oscar was an adult, he knew copious amounts about the tools and parts necessary in the work of a steam mechanic, and precious little about the actual craft. He decided to use his knowledge to purchase old tools and parts, clean them up, and sell them to artisans and engineers. Oscar is consistently up front about the refurbished nature of his goods, but their high quality means they sell well regardless. In particular, his sets of steam artisan's tools are especially beautiful, and very popular among Rochester's skilled artisans.

Oscar was one of the original merchants who formed the Tinkerer's Market. His artisan's tools are considered significantly responsible for the Market's explosion of popularity, as Oscar was one of the only places artisans could find a good set of tools at that time, and those who came seeking them often left with much more than they expected and returned often. He now maintains Oscar's Emporium, the largest single booth at the Tinkerer's Market. He enjoys regaling younger mechanics with the history of random bits from his stock, and loves to teach others about the things he sells.