Historical Item

Name: Oreos
Category: Food
Size/weight: 2 in diameter, 0.1 oz
Rarity: Common
Value: $0.25 / lb
  • Euphoria
  • Goes great with Milk
  • Can also be used to make an excellent pie crust.

Description (ca. 1921):
Originally called the “Oreo Biscuit,” Oreos were first produced in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company. It was created as an imitation of the Hydrox cookie. Like Hydrox, the Oreo Biscuit is comprised of two chocolate wafers with a creme filling in between them. The wafers feature an embossed design with the name “Oreo” in the center and a wreath around the edge. The first Oreo was sold in March, 1912 and from there, the biscuits were selling all over the country before the end of April. While Hydrox were fairly popular since their inception in 1908, Oreos very rapidly grew in popularity, and soon overshadowed its predecessor. It wasn’t long before some believed Hydrox to be a knock off of Oreos.