Perspective character

Name: Olan Ebert
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Unemployed (entrepreneur)
Home Location: various alleys near places of businesses, including Falcone Deli Alley

Optimistic, but also desperate. Friendly, sometimes has extreme mood swings. (due to illness)

High concept:
A severely unfortunate man who is trying to get back on his feet. Those that go too far against him will be sorry, however.

Special skills/abilities:
Reasonably skilled businessman and persuader (though his condition detracts significantly from the latter)
Anyone who "gets in his face" for too long could come down with something...

Notable flaws/weaknesses:
Homeless and poor, so does not have access to many amenities.
Sometimes cannot regulate volume or balance.
Always appears to be drunk, so people take him even less seriously.

None in particular

Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Olan stands with a slouch. He has matted, greasy brown hair and bloodshot eyes. He also looks to have not shaved for a couple of weeks. His mouth is hanging partially open, and he is dressed nicely, but his clothes are patched in many places, and seem dirty enough to suggest they haven't been washed in a while.

Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Find an easier way to live
Gain funds to begin a new business, or manage a business in some way
Become successful again, get his family back


Background (family, education, important life events)
Olan was born to Stephen Ebert and Caroline Fein-Ebert in 1876. His parents had intended to have another child before him, but it was a stillbirth. As a result, his parents were very happy to have him.
Olan's home life was fairly good growing up; it was a small family; he had no interaction with his family on his mother's side, as they disowned her when she married his father, Stephen, as he was a non-Jew. He was close to his grandmother Veronica growing up, but she passed away when he was 15. He had no significant issues with his parents; they both gave him plenty of attention and helped him succeed through education. His mother was a bit more distant than his father, as she couldn't help think of what could have been had her first child survived, but not significantly so. Olan only found out about his older brother as an adult, so it did not have much of an impact on him growing up.
Olan was an A- student; good, but not the best. He tried very hard though, as he wanted to start his own business like his father someday. Fortunately, he was fairly skilled in it, though he struggled in the sciences. Ultimately, he graduated university with a BS in business and became an entrepreneur, starting a shipping business when he was 24. (mostly over the continental US)
His business did very well, and Olan settled down, finding a wife and having a son at 26. They lived happily for the next 14 years, but tragedy struck: Olan's business suddenly folded and he found all of his friends and acquaintances trickling away, along with his finances. After about a year, his wife left him and took his son with her. Soon after, his house was reclaimed by the bank and he was left homeless.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Olan is very sad and resigned most of the time, that is when he's not anxious about his living situation and future. He currently drifts between various alleys around town as well as the park for sleeping arrangements. In the daytime, we goes around and tries to find work where he can get it, often working one-off jobs. In between, he attempts to curry favor with business owners in attempts to gain the opportunity to restore himself to his former lifestyle. He is very persistent in his efforts, but he has seen little fruit thus far. He may have to resort to desperate measures... It should also be mentioned that sometime in the past few years after he became homeless, he contracted an illness. This illness inflames his eyes, slacks his jaw, and leaves him unable to regulate his balance or volume. (at times) The illness is airborne, and he doesn't know he has it. It has the unfortunate effect of making people think he is constantly drunk as well.