Fictional location

Name: OSO (Office of Spy Operations) Agency Building

Category: Government/Clandestine

Size: Midrise Office building
Condition: Well maintained and sturdy. Built to withstand attacks.

Inhabitants: Karat Knight and Many other OSO Agents and Faculty

Map Location: F2

Description (ca. 1921):

The OSO building was constructed with funds from various parts of the government. As far as anyone is concerned, OSO doesn't exist. The first floor of the OSO building maintains an illusion that it is an Accounting firm. Every floor above it is another story, no pun intended. One floor is an armory, another contains shooting ranges. There are floors dedicated to housing in the event of emergency as well as an infirmary. There are prisons and interrogation rooms as well. The top most floors is where the spies and faculty spend most of their time. There are offices and rooms dedicated to gathering intelligence and employing various surveillance techniques. The building also has many fail safes and protocols in place to protect its contents from attack. At a moment's notice the building can go into lock-down prevent entry or exit.