Perspective characterNora.jpg

Name: Nora Marshall
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/Scottish descent
Profession: Part time factory worker - part time RAMI student
Home Location: (planned on close to the factory, once I can locate it)
Memberships/Factions: RAMI, General Labor Union, New Steam Society (acquainted)

Donnan Marshall (Father)
Fenella Hardie-Marshall (Mother)
Arlene Marshall (Aunt)
Dona Marshal (Sister)

Emily Ballard (Acquaint)
Tabitha O'Hagredy (Acquaint, Union Overseer)
Nathan Garner (Friend, developing love interest)
Archibald Regiblaster (Boss)

Disposition: Soft spoken, but not soft willed, and social once the tone is set. A task is a challenge, even if it means getting callouses.
High concept:
Special skills/abilities: Small, strong fingers make working with delicate instruments just a bit easier; very good with spatial awareness to see how things fit together.
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Rejection of verbal conflict makes her quiet, and her upbringing makes her closed off to the stranger while still giving the air of friendliness.
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: (see above?)
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Red hair, brown eyes, low concentration of freckles to the face and shoulders; Clothes are dressed for the weather, then the occasion; [not as quite as Hollywood as the image implies, with more rounder features and nose]
Skills [Point Value]: Empathy +3, Endurance/Willfulness +2, Crafting/Engineering +2, Perception +1, Academics +1, Investigating +1
Motivations: Discovery, Creation
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Complete homework and tests with high scores.
Keep her job at the factory.
Complete RAMI training in mechanics and steam power.
Work on finding a life-partner.
a) obtain good standing in her current workplace
b) move on and open her own repair and manufacturing shop


Background (family, education, important life events)
Her family two generations back moved in from Scotland to east New York, the moved westward to escape the overcrowded city. At the time, there was more family joining them, until they parted ways for more opportunity. Nora's grandparents, father and aunt stayed in Rochester where factory life was in swing and seamstress jobs were plenty. Her father Donnan is a skilled mechanic, working mostly as a repairman for the many new machines instantiated in the surrounding factories and work places. Upon receiving a daughter, he relinquished some of his knowledge of mechanics to her - often finding some of his engineering books missing, later to be found under her bed. He gave her things to tinker with, keeping the active child still. He also instilled a sense of pride to her heritage and to her work, teaching her what his parents taught before him.
Both her mother and aunt, Fenella and Arlene respectively, both work as seamstresses making fine garments - aunt Arlene specializes in men's jacket wear and lives on the upper floor of the small, cramped house. Dona, her younger sister, doesn't share the same interest in machinery, but enjoys cooking and tending to the house and various plants she raises for extra food supply. Both sisters attended (locating school district), almost immediately going into the workforce in some fashion.
Nora's short, wild hair is easier to tame under an ascot cap when working. When the hat is not allowed, such as in class or at social events, other simple hair supplies do the trick if needed.
A recent development in her life is knowledge of her sister's considerations of romance, but not after as many men as she'd hoped. Dona comes to Nora for aid in most important developments or decisions, to have a rational second ear than their mother and aunt's stubborn ways.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Nora works part time at Archibald's Prosthetics, making support wages while also attending classes at RAMI for steam and electrical engineering, and the domestic sciences - cooking and sewing. Locating a life partner is not currently in the works, but is imminent. A small group of friends and acquaintances keeps her focused. A supporter of the Women's Rights Movement and member of the General Labor Union, both feeding information that needs attention. Neither high up nor devoted whole-heartedly to either cause, she is still as active as possible without putting her stability too far at risk.

At school, Nora has welcomed Nathan Garner and Emily Ballard into her daily life. Nathan is always jumping around with ideas and excitement, bringing out Nora's natural tendency towards creating and understanding things works - managing to bring out Nora's social side with far too much ease. However, due to Nathan's constant 'bouncing', she sometimes has to act as an anchor to not only keep him in reality but to keep him from hurting himself too badly. He already has two prosthetic limbs, no need to add a new head just yet.

Epilogue, a King of Hearts:
The success of the Protean Machine at the 20's steam fair was better than any could have hoped. It took their names high before the machine itself fell off to be forgotten. Their future works helped to continue casting them in a mostly positive light. Nora took the risky chance and confessed feelings for Nathan during the fair, happily receiving them back from the blissful tinkerer. If only it had lasted. A failed transfer stole his life quicker than they could save it. Nora was shaken enough to step back from human engineering a while, helping the equally shaken Earnest Garner.

Love is not lost, and can be found in a variety of places. Nora kept in touch with her old team-mates, primarily Gabrielle whom helped her get back into modern human engineering practices. Emily came in and out of her early life, as the civil rights and LGBT movements had kept Nora's younger sister Dona busy. The Scotsman she met at the fair wandered back into her life two years after, rekindling a flame she'd put onto the shelf. With it came her passion again. Taking her unspent earnings, and finally breaking away from Tenerly to start her own dream shop, the two Scots in Rochester become well known for their ability to fix anything that comes into the shop and for contributions to their beloved steam community.

With three kids to continue forty years worth of legacy, Nora is thankful for turning her focus back on projects that mean to help people and have less potential side effects. Her eldest son takes over the Requests and Repairs shop she'd opened, his sister quickly following at his heels. Both of them succeeded her name, one seeking a career in electrical engineering the other in infrastructure design - far more long lasting careers than that of the old steam technology which is slowly being faded out for a new trend. The third child took a different path with the tailoring ability she'd been taught from both mom and grandma (mostly grandma).

After a rather swift battle with lung cancer from working in the factories and metal shavings, Nora, 70, was put to rest the traditional way. Nothing saved, nothing preserved, everything done the way nature had intended.