Historical Item

Name: No. 1 Panoram Kodak

Category: Tool


Rarity: Uncommon

Value: $10

Uses: Photography

Description (ca. 1921):
The Panoram was one of the first camera available easily to the general public. At only $10, by 1906, six years after its release, it had sold over 15,000 units. Its simple design has allowed it to stay in production, even as newer camera were designed and produced.

Patented originally by Kodak designer Frank A. Brownell, the Panorams had a swinging lens and had pronounced curves to match the lens' movement. A fold-down door covered the lens when not in use. The No. 1 used a 105 film type and had a frame size of 2.25 inches by 7 inches. This camera was an upgrade of the original No. 4.