Historical Location

Name: New York Central Station at Rochester

Category: Railroad Station

Condition: New

Inhabitants: None

Map Location: C3

Description (ca. 1921):

The New York Central Station (also referred to as Union Station or the Bragdon Station) located in Rochester was a major station for the railway located in Rochester. Originally built in 1852, it was torn down and rebuilt many three times leading up to 1921. Its third iteration was its most popular and was built in 1914. This iteration of the building was designed by Claude Bragdon and opened in 1914. The station was considered a very beautiful space when it was built and was very busy.

Bragdon gave particular attention to design of the indoor public spaces, including a large, general waiting room with a domed, ornamental ceiling and a lunch counter to serve waiting passengers. Bragdon incorporated the motif of driving wheels of a great locomotive into the three large arched windows. He utilized other railroading details geometrically in the decoration of the brick exterior and the tile interior.