external image Garsington_Manor_By_Henry_Taunt.jpgFictional location

Name: New Ballard Manor

Category: Homestead

Size: 3 acres

Condition: Well-kept, lush, newly-built

Inhabitants: James Ballard

Map Location: Arnett Street

Description (ca. 1921):

The New Ballard Manor was built for James Ballard and his family in 1909. He moved in in 1912 along with his son and daughter. It is a spiritual successor to the first Ballard Manor, which is located in Warsaw and was sold to another wealthy family upon the Ballards' move to Rochester. The house itself is decent sized, but not mansion-sized - the true wealth of the place was put into its surrounding area. New Ballard Manor contains several acres of lush gardens, scented with prickly roses and marigolds and lupines, all tended to by the latest in servant automaton technology. These gardens are one of the few things Emily Ballard misses about her former home - if asked, she would note the atmosphere of peace that settled over their dirt paths and benches at dusk, and the joy of watching the automata go about their work. Buildings on the property include the home itself, the greenhouse (where the automata are kept when not in use), and the workshop/garage.