Fictional Item

Name: Neural Stack Papers

Category: document

Size/weight: small notebook, 6 in by 4 in, ~5 grams?

Rarity: only one

Value: priceless

Uses: design of neural engine for Protean Machine prototype

Description (ca. 1921):

After meeting with Nathan Garner at the Tenerly party, Emily Ballard wrote up these papers describing how a hypothetical neural engine might work. A neural engine, or at least some sort of storage device for memories, is a component vital to the Protean Machine, which would allow for a simulated human consciousness to run. Emily's papers, while descriptive, are not perfectly plausible - they play mostly off theory, psychology, and existing automaton technology, describing how technology could be used to mimic the individual components of the brain to create a thinking system in a space not much larger than a human skull. The papers describe a contained "stack" of theoretical, but plausible given the current state of technology, computational material that could, within its folds, contain the necessary information to simulate a human consciousness. Running that simulation might be harder, and would require a power source - likely steam or electricity or a combination of the two - and Emily is relying on Nathan to provide that component. While the papers describe a process that is a bit far-fetched, Emily hopes that some further engineering expertise, and Nathan's plans, may be able to condense her wild descriptions down into something that could really be built.