Historical Location

Name: Neisner's Five and Dime Store

Category: store

Size: large, 3 stories

Condition: opened 1911, remodeled once

Inhabitants: none

Map Location: 200 E. Main St (F2)

Description (ca. 1921): Opened by Abraham and Joseph Neisner in 1911, the five and dime rivaled the other department stores in downtown Rochester. They went on to open more of their stores along the east coast. While prices originally were never above a dime, prices were raised up to a dollar at the end of WWI. At Neisner's, there were multiple points of interest. One one floor, there was a cafeteria, pet shop, and toy store. Other levels sold clothing or home goods. The store is noted to treat its employees well and to give them good benefits. Customers have said that while it is not as fancy as other stores, Neisner's is a good family place to shop for bargains and eat.