Fictional location

Name: Mt. Hope Geothermal Power Station
Category: Power Station
Size: Large, at least 1 city block
Condition: New
Map Location: E2

Description (ca. 1921): The Mt. Hope Geothermal Power Station is the main source of geothermal energy for the entire city of Rochester. Located in the Rochester Underground just north of the Mt. Hope Cemetery, the power station draws heat from a geothermal well in the earth and combines it with water from a diversion of the Genesee River to create large amounts of steam. This steam is then compressed and sent through pipes in the Rochester Underground to different parts of the city for consumption by factories and those able to afford steam compressors. Notable users include the West Main St. Geothermal Fill Station.

Thomas Meyer, the man who dared tap into the power of the earth for the sake of powering Rochester, manages the Power Station with a tight grip on his accounts and a tighter grip on his employees. He knows that this form of steam creation is in direct competition to coal and, in its infancy, is still prone to failure - and thus cannot withstand any sort of threat or failure. Meyer is doing everything he can think of to make geothermal power a reasonable source of energy to the city, including offering free or discounted steam to those who live in the Rochester Underground and help maintain the spiderweb of steam pipes necessary for the power station's distribution.