Historical Location

Name: Mt. Hope Cemetery

Category: Cemetery/park
Size: Very large (196 acres)
Condition: good

Inhabitants: Squirrels, tourists, and dead people

Map Location: E2

Description (ca. 1921):
Founded in 1838, there are now about 55,000 graves at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Mt. Hope does not have the feel of a graveyard. It has a park-like atmosphere, as it is a very large and sprawling area of forest. Near the Genesse River, Mt. Hope was full of natural beauty with its unkempt feel and paths that twist and turn throughout the area.. Visitors eventually made paths that fit with the landscape, and there were always families there picnicking or taking a walk. Many notable people are buried here. Some are Nathaniel Rochester (d. 1831, Frederick Douglass (d. 1895), Susan B. Anthony (d. 1906), and Henry Lomb (d. 1908).