morrigans_grunge.jpgFictional Item

Name: Morrigan's Grunge

Category: Component

Size/weight: 12,000 grains per pound

Rarity: Extremely Rare

Value: ?

Uses: Extremely Violent Explosive compound

Description (ca. 1921):

Created by Brandon Westland, Morrigan's Grunge, named after the Irish mythological figure of strife and battle, is a explosive compound characterized by its sparkling blue color, and its rocky or clumpy texture. Westland crafted the powder while improving upon an early artillery automaton designed by his mentor Robert LeFever. While the exact mixture of the compound is unknown to all but Westland himself, vials of it exist throughout the city. As during Westland's recent departure some were forgotten on various shelves and in various boxes that were sold to pawnshops around the city. Currently several groups of individuals seeks the compound for its properties, but few even know what it looks like.

Westland found in his initial tests that if more than a pound of the substance is compressed in a vial (All vials are only half full.) that the compound would spontaneously explode, and that exactly four ounces of the substance was enough to propel an artillery shell from the RPTS Winton Station to the Outskirts Motel. Almost twenty miles in distance from a standard mortar barrel, nearly twenty times further than any military grade shell used in the Great War, though the motor barrel was irrecoverable from the blow back.