Combat Prototype MkII Steam Suit
Combat Prototype MkII Steam Suit

Fictional Item

Name: MkIV Steam Fire Suit

Category: Tool

Size/weight: 5'7" tall, 275lbs

Rarity: Rare

Value: Expensive

Uses: Heavy lifting, fire fighting, pulling cargo

Description (ca. 1921):
A specially adapted suit of steam powered armor, the MkIV Steam Fire Suit is the brain child of Sidney Fenske, ex U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The MkIV Steam Fire Suit is built off of the frame of surplus military MkIII Steam Suits, adapted with touches that make them better suited to firefighting than combat. Standing at 5'7", the suit allows its wearer to stand upon the platform and use it as a mechanized pair of legs and arms from inside its safety shielding. Reliably overengineered, the suit boasts many modifications from its combat origins:
  • The mounted machine guns have been removed and replaced with hose nozzles that hook to a tank beneath the chassis. A valve on the rear of the platform can be used to connect a hose to a larger tank outside of the unit.
  • Each wrist mount offers replaceable utilities including extra hoses, carbon tetrachloride fire extinguishers, axes, hooks, etc.
  • An extra layer of shielding has been placed between the body of the chassis and the outer shield with a gap in between. Compressed steam, suitably chilled by pressure, is circulated inside this gap to keep the firefighter cool
  • The outermost shielding metal has been coated in a layer of flame retardant paint