A picture of Miss Cherry

Fictional character

Name: Miss Cherry
Age: 30 (claimed)
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish
Profession: Owner/Operator of Cherry Suites
Location: Cherry Suites
Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Expert liar
Ruthless business woman
Efficient at money management
Street wise

Miss Cherry is a voluptuous and alluring woman. She has scarlet red hair that is always well kept and she is always made up looking her best. She is well endowed in the body department, typically wearing provocative clothing and damn sure knows how to work it to her advantage.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Margaret "Miss Cherry" O'Malley (Or just Miss Cherry to those who value their kneecaps) started off her career as the right hand for a 'procurer of pleasure' by the name of Bradley Wayne. Not much is known about Miss Cherry's past before then (or if anyone does know, they keep it quiet because they value their kneecaps), but Wayne saw some potential in her. Miss Cherry managed Wayne's 'employees' as well as all the money that came in. This went on for several years until Wayne died mysteriously (again, kneecaps) and Miss Cherry found herself in possession of the empire Wayne, or more appropriately she herself, had built. Among these possessions was a rundown building that Wayne's employees stayed in.

Seizing the opportunity, Miss Cherry shored up her grip on the remnants of Wayne's empire and began renovating the building to serve as a base of operations for what she planned to build. And thus, Cherry Suites was born. A seemingly innocuous hotel in which the guests have a wide array of indulges available to them, for a price. She spends her days maintaining a rapport with her clientele and dealing with both rowdy customers and employees, severely.

Things have been running pretty smoothly for Cherry Suites. She has yet to meet any opposition that couldn't be bought, tempted, or removed. Business has been booming, as there are very few in Rochester who aren't aware of Cherry Suites. Guests that stay only for a place to sleep are few and far between, and many who come through those doors unaware end up leaving very aware and very satisfied. Though, while many have claimed (and several have paid for with their kneecaps), no man has ever actually shared a bed with Miss Cherry herself.

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