MillardLawFirm.jpgFictional location

Name: Millard Law Firm

Category: Service

Size: Small

Condition: Well Maintained

Inhabitants: Gavin Millard

Map Location: F2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Millard Law Firm is the second law firm ran by Gavin Millard. Located on the third floor of a three story high-rise on the intersection of North and Achilles, Gavin was required to move to the new building due to a loss of income when his partner Joseph Greene left the practice.

The smaller office contains two rooms: a reception area and Gavin’s private office. Unsurprisingly, the reception room is where Gavin’s clients wait until he is ready to see them. However, since Gavin doesn’t have an employed receptionist, he plays double duty. Gavin’s private office is the smallest room of the building. His clients are always surprised that Gavin can work in such a claustrophobic space.

The office surprisingly does not match the rest of the building and stands out in the hallway. The building itself is old and borderline decrepit. The clean room stands out against the hallways littered with trashed and broken walls. With how the building looks, witnesses are always surprised to find anyone’s not part of the working class entering the building to see Gavin.