Fictional location
Name: Middle-Knuckle Pub
Category: Speakeasy
Size: Small
Condition: Moderate
Inhabitants: It has a seating capacity of 60. 20 at the bar, 40 at tables.
Map Location: D3 (Cayuga Street)
Description (ca. 1921): Middle-Knuckle Pub is owned by both George MacAuley and Mickey Enright. There are 20 stools along the bar, and 10 tables. It is a gathering place for the Bulldog Boys, but also welcomes any other customers, generally working class men and their wives wandering up from Tartarus for some fresh air and sun. George frequently visits the establishment to make sure things are running smoothly, but generally has one of the lower-ranking Bulldog Boys be the bartender.

They only serve gin-based drinks (as that is the only alcohol the Bulldog Boys make) as well as sell bottles of gin. George has been drinking long enough to know what drinks sell. From taking trips to other speakeasies he has found that the Bees Knees, Gin & Tonic, Bennett Cocktail, Gin Fizz, and the Southside are customer favorites so he makes sure they have the materials to make these drinks.

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