FMicro-Injector.jpgictional Item

Name: Micro-Injector

Category: Machinery

Size/weight: Very small

Rarity: Common

Value: Moderately expensive

Uses: Enabling steam power to be used in smaller machines

Description (ca. 1921): The invention of the steam micro-injector in 1915 is a major part of what propelled steam power to the forefront during the Great War. Before, steam-powered machinery required large, bulky engines in order to obtain the amount of power necessary to operate from steam. The first micro-injectors managed to get about forty percent of the power of a medium steam engine while taking up a fraction of the space and weighing significantly less. While larger machines still required the traditional bulky power plant, systems comprised of multiple micro-injectors were quickly able to make smaller steam machines a reality. During the Great War, these systems were most notably used in weapons and automata, but during the later parts of the war micro-injectors began showing up in other machines, such as steam-powered prostheses. Following the Great War, the micro-injector quickly made domestic steam-power space- and cost-effective, as well as allowing for more elegant designs.