Fictional character

Name: Mickey “Bulldog” Enright

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Irish-American

Profession: Head of the Bulldog Boys (Irish Gang)

Location: around D3, or at Middle-Knuckle Pub

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

He is athletic, intimidating, and skilled with weapons. He is known as Mickey “Bulldog” Enright because of his almost-constant scrunched forhead and scowl. He has the organizational skills to run a gang. He has a short brown beard and is about 5 foot 10. His short-term goal is a connection to cheap alcohol from Canada, and also to expand his personal wealth and the size of his gang. His long-term goal is to stay rich, and out of jail.

Biography (ca. 1921)

Mickey grew up under the care of his aunt and uncle. Mickey's mother died when he was young due to illness, and his father was absent. His uncle worked odd-jobs to pay the bills, but never let the family go without food. When Mickey tuurned 14 he started working full-time at a pub to help pay the bills. When the USA entered the war he was drafted. In the war he had learned the skills he would later use to make the Bulldog Boys the top Irish gang. While he was away his aunt and uncle passed away, and upon coming home he inherited what little they had. He worked odd-jobs for about a year before meeting up with other Irish men who fought in the war.
That is when prohibition started (1919), and Mickey and his buddies began making bathtub gin. They found this to be lucrative enough to quit working their jobs, and by 1920 had made a reputation as the Bulldog Boys within the poorer communities. Demand was high, so he began recruiting some of the younger Irish men who wandered the streets looking for fights to work for him. One especially notable incident attributed to Mickey was the killing of 2 Irish men in their early 20's and one boy (14) who were known to be also making gin. 2 were shot in the face, and the other was bludgeoned to death. This sent a message: only the Bulldog Boys are allowed to make gin around here. By 1921 the Bulldog Boys had around 20 members, 15 men making the gin, and 5 running pubs. Mickey went to numerous other speakeasies in the area and told them "You buy your alcohol from us or else" and broke what needed to be broke to get his message across. Mickey focuses on making sure everything runs smoothly, and issuing orders. He is in no way the big guy on top who is afraid to get his hands dirty. He organizes and goes on heists to get wood alcohol to distill into drinkable alcohol, and will punch someone in the teeth if they need a roughin-up.

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