Perspective character

Name: Michael Matthew Harpy
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Black/White
Profession: Student/Hair Stylist
Home Location: Apartment downtown with 2 roommates
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: Bootleggers, Falcone Family
Relationships: Single; very extroverted person with many friends. Close with mother and 5 siblings.
Disposition: Charming, spontaneous, optimistic, and daring but becomes more cold, stubborn, and secretive when it comes to his side jobs.
High concept: Making a name for himself and supporting his family.
Special skills/abilities: Persuasion, Lying, Nimble Hands, Lock picking
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Has major trust issues. His family is his weakness.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Dark short, curly hair; thin mustache; 5'11"; muscular; ambidextrous; likes to wear black and blue colored clothing; has a heart tattoo on his chest, a koi fish tattoo on his shoulder, a dragon tattoo on his back.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Work to make money to
help support family.
Become an student of Martha
Matilda Harper or move up in
the Falcone Family. Graduate
Make a name for
himself in the hair
stylist industry or become
a key part of the Falcone
Family. Have enough money
to have his family escape


Background (family, education, important life events)
Michael is the oldest of 5 siblings, 2 boys and 3 girls. He has a identical twin named Marcus with whom he is very close. His 4 youngest siblings live with their mother in their tiny 3 bedroom apartment. His father was an abusive alcoholic and was put in jail for killing someone in a bar fight while drunk when Michael was younger. Michael has always been fascinated with hair and would often practice cutting and styling hair on his younger siblings.
Michael and his brother both went to college for the same reason: to learn and get a job that would help get their family out of poverty. Micheal went to college to study English in hopes of becoming an English teacher but decided to chase his dream of becoming a hair stylist and changed his major to business in hopes of one day starting his own business to help support his family.
Michael has been working at a local Harper Method Shop since he was 17, watching, learning , and helping the stylists.
When he was 19, a previous lover told Michael about the Falcone Family and how they where looking for a place to store drugs and alcohol in plain sight. Michael then became affiliated with the Falcone Family by hiding and selling bottles and contains full of drugs or alcohol at the Harper Method Shop as a side job. As time went on, Michael began to get more involved at the shop and more involved with the Falcone Family.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

At the age of 22, Micheal has a lot going on for him at the moment. His family is still struggling but the money he and his brother are making is helping a bit. Michael is doing really well in school right now and is already thinking of a few business ideas that he wants to continue to work on and critique for a while before deciding which one is the best.
At the Harper Method Shop, he is finally starting to cut hair professionally since one of the other stylists has just given birth to her newborn son and is on maternity leave. So far, Micheal is getting great reviews for his techniques and special care when it comes to cutting hair. He hopes to draw the attention of Martha Matilda Harper herself so that hopefully she will take him under her wing and teach him more about hair care and business techniques.
As a part of the Falcone Family, Micheal is also getting more involved. Aside from just selling drugs and alcohol as a side job from the shop, he has been asked to do much more such getting protection money from certain stores and helping with bootlegging runs for the Family. He knows that the money and protection is good but is not sure if it is something he should continue to be apart of. However, he cannot leave since he loves the thrill and excitement and danger. He is also starting to develop feelings for a member higher up in the Family which is another reason he doesn't want to leave.