istorical Item

Name: Mercurochrome (Merbromin)

Category: Medicine

Size/weight: 1 FL oz Bottle

Rarity: Common

Value: Cheap

Uses: Over the counter antiseptic for cuts

Description (ca. 1921):
A topical, liquid ointment similar to Iodine in both use and availability. The chemical stains the skin bright red, and is usually used for cuts and wounds such as knee scrapes. Discovered in 1918 by Hugh Young, the medicine quickly gained popularity as an antiseptic and was often preferred in comparison to it's sharp stinging counterpart, used most often in the school yards.

It isn't uncommon for this medicine to be known as 'Monkey Blood' (most likely used more by children than by adults).
Mercurochrome (the market name) is a compound containing Mercury and Bromine.