Historical Location
Name: Memorial Art Gallery

Category: [store/factory/school etc.] Gallery/Museum

Size: 14 acres

Condition: Very well maintained

Inhabitants: Mostly visitors

Map Location: 500 University Ave, Rochester NY 14623

Description (ca. 1921):
This gallery was founded by Emily Sibley Watson in 1913. She did this in the honor of her son who was an architect. It is now operated through the University of Rochester, who continues to preserve it. She wanted it to be a place where everyone can view it and become educated. George L. Herdel was the first president of the Rochester Art Club. After Herdel, his daughter took his position, and then the Herdel family kept a legacy. In the 1920s, the gallery extended to another wing. It was 14,000 square feet and had a fountain court, a children's museum, and an auditorium.