Fictional location

Name: McHugo Engineering

Category: store/residence

Size: 1800 sq ft

Condition: Well Kept Up

Inhabitants: George Reedwarbler McHugo and Elizabeth Boxforde McHugo

Map Location:

Description (ca. 1921):
The bottom floor is the shop that the McHugo family run where they sell their inventions from as well as where people can come and consult George McHugo for jobs they might offer him as a freelancer. The top floor is the residence of the McHugo family.
The building is made of bricks. The bottom floor containing the shop McHugo Engineering has various inventions lining the walls but mainly the McHugo Cycle that is the main product of the shop. Also lining the walls are photos and certificates from the various jobs that George McHugo has worked on most notably the RTPS and the Marie Curie Steam Reactor.
There are a set of stairs in the back of the shop floor that lead up to the top floor where the McHugo family lives. Their residence has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living room/dining room.