Fictional Item

Name: McHugo Cycle

Category: Steam Powered Bicycle


Rarity: relatively common

Value: $110

Uses: transportation

Description (ca. 1921):
An improvement on the already existing design of the Roper Steam Velocipede the McHugo Cycle created by engineer George Reedwarbler McHugo is sold at McHugo Engineering . The design has been improved upon since the death of its inventor in 1896 due to a tragic accident testing his latest design. The new design goes slightly slower but is more robust and stable as well as a gyroscope to attempt to prevent the bicycle from falling over during use. It uses coal or other substances able to be burned to heat steam which powers the engine. The McHugo Cycle can move about 30mph at top speed and due to the high temperature of the engine between the riders legs insulation to prevent the burning of the riders legs has been added.