Fictional location

Name: Marie Curie Steam Reactor

Category: Steam Producer

Size: Size of a small 4 room house

Condition: Finished (Not Active Yet)

Inhabitants: Engineers, Workers, Scientists, and George Reedwarbler McHugo

Map Location: C2

Description (ca. 1921):
The Marie Curie Steam Reactor was created using the late Marie Curie's designs for a reactor that uses uranium to heat water into steam. The reactor was constructed to be a solution to the need for a producer of steam that does not require the burning of coal since Rochester lacks a significant amount of coal. The reactor finished the majority of construction earlier in the year and is set to be activated near the end of 1921. Until that date many scientists and engineers are being brought in to help finish the reactor safely and in time. When it is activated it will be the first of its kind and will prove to be a significant source of Rochester's steam for countless years to come.
The actual reactor chamber takes up a room of its own. It is a cylindrical tank in which using natural uranium fuel, control rods made of silver, boron, indium, and cadmium, and graphite as a neutron moderator, produces a fission reaction which then heats up large amounts of water pumped through the reactor into steam. The room with the reactor is lined with large amounts of lead as shielding. the building that contains the reactor is just that single room and an adjacent building houses the pump station for the water and the pipes for the out going steam as well as in adjacent room there is a control station for the reactor.
The reactor is shiny, new, and something that nobody in Rochester has seen before thus some people are afraid of it and others are skeptical of it working at all. Mostly though the people embrace it as the solution to much discussed problem involving Rochester's lack of ability to produce steam the traditional way through the burning of coal.