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Perspective character

Name: Malcolm "Mozzarelli" Falcone
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Crime family leader
Home Location: Small apartment in Downtown Rochester F2
Memberships/Factions: Falcone Crime family, Underground Rochester, Bootleggers
Emilio Falcone: Family. Malcolm is close with his father even when he was close to death. He received his power from him since his father was the former Don.
George MacAuley: Aquatint. Malcolm sees George as a potential Ally. Since there has been tension within the crime world he sees this as a opportunity to expand his empire and secure it's future. He provides them with some illegal goods and he gets a cut of the money.
Tabitha O'Hagredy: Dislike. Malcolm sees Tabitha as a resource to keep his empire thriving. He works with Tabitha to provide him with information and access to the RTPS. He currently has her on payroll and tries to keep her loyal to him even though the two do not see eye to eye with their business transactions.
Jacob Edward Lewandowski: Aquatint. Malcolm sees Jacob as a business partner since they have worked together for a good while now. He pays him extra to keep him happy and loyal to the Falcone family. He sees this as a investment since a majority of his alcohol comes from him and has not disappointed him yet.
Charlene Burns: Dislike: Malcom sees Charlene as a enemy to his empire. He wants to see her taken out of the picture by either having the cops deal with her or taking care of her himself. He wants to have some revenge and send a message that no one messes with the Falcone family clients such as the bar she bombed. One which he was in at the time and got out before he was seriously injured.
Disposition: Optimistic
High concept: Charismatic Leader of the Falcone Family
Special skills/abilities: +3 Persuasion, + 2 Lying + 2 Connections, +1 Stealth, +1 Brawling, +1 Perception
Notable flaws/weaknesses: No formal education, fear of being burned alive, fear of being in a burning building.
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Average build and height. Short wavy black hair with a crooked nose. Tan and has a distinguishable scar on his lip as well as some burn scars.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Become the Don of the Falcone Family Mafia.
Expand the Falcone Family mafia.
Make the Falcone Family mafia last.


Background (family, education, important life events)

Malcolm Falcone grew up in Rochester with his father Emilio Falcone. He grew up always getting into trouble with the local children. He always had a few followers he convinced to join him in his plots. He eventually went into the family business and seemed to make a name for himself in the crime world as he got older. He started to lead his family more when he was in his 20's. The only thing that is stopping him from becoming the Don of family mafia is that his father is still alive and Don.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

After his father got gravely sick in 1920 Malcolm started to lead his fathers mafia in a direction that would allow the future to expand and try to establish a permanent presence. He has made several connections to members in the Underground section of Rochester as well as found allies that supply him with Alcohol from outside Rochester. He has managed to not attract police attention so far as well not started a feud between the Falcone family and the local Irish Gang known as the Bulldogs.

He is connected with the bootlegging of higher quality alcohols in Rochester as well as peddling illegal drugs in Underground Rochester. He has planned to gain more allies while the police are not actively hunting him and his family. He actively seeks ways to hide his connections or gain more reliable allies during this time. Eventually he builds connections of physicians, peddlers, and bootleggers. Even if it means turning potential enemies into friends.

Near December of 1920 his father took a turn for the worse and handed the mantle of power over to him. Now being the Don of the family he set his plans into actions. He began by making his "clients" stay "loyal" to his family as well finding new "clients". At this point he started to dress more formal since he was his family's Don. He has set his plans to begin and to set up future connections and plans for New Year of 1921. He plans on using this to make the festivals of New Years to hide his dealings during the day.


Malcolm after the Grand Steam Fair rose in power, fully becoming the Don of the Falcone family. A few months later his father died and he focused on improving the Falcone family empire. Having no one to directly compete with him now was a great boon to Malcolm's goals. He was able to go around uncheck and grow. As the years went by he either forced the other families out or they would have to be absorbed by his family. His family boomed when World War II erupted, supplying the citizens with goods that were normally rationed and harder to get. He eventually was able to put the police and politicians in his back pocket, fully securing his grip on Rochester as the strongest crime family. He also gave the city much needed peace, since Rochester was under his protection much major crime didn’t happen unless he gave the word. He also got married around this time and had a child When the cold war rolled around Malcolm got out of directly of doing crime, he still lead the Family from inside the his father’s deli after he rebuilt it; Along with Luigi’s Emporium as well. He passed his empire over to his child right before he died, following his father’s footsteps. Malcolm died in 1970 due to natural causes and was known in the community as a major influence.

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