Historical Location

Main St. Bridge.jpg
Name: Main St. Bridge

Category: [store/factory/school etc.] Bridge

Size: Approx. 210 ft. across

Built in 1812, reconstructed twice, still standing
as of 1920s

Inhabitants: Merchants, shop owners

Map Location:

Description (ca. 1921):
The first “edition” of this bridge was built in 1812, and was originally called the Genesee Falls Bridge. It was built to establish basic communication and transportation to the first settlements and townships in Northwest New York. In November 1817, a flood caused much damage not only to the town but the bridge as well, having washed away a large portion of the river bank. The bridge couldn’t simply be patched over and over again, so a new one was proposed in 1822. After financial disputes, and the final price of the construction settled, the $6000 bridge was built in 1824. Buildings were soon erected on top of the bridge, and in 1827, a market was built on it as well. Another flood in 1835 destroyed the bridge, and a third one was built; equipped with buildings and stores, just as the previous one was. The final edition of the Main Street Bridge was built in 1857, after the third one became too old and dangerous to travel across. This time made of stone, it survived the disastrous flood of March 1865. The surrounding structures were severely damaged, but the bridge itself remained in great condition.