Bang bang... bang, bang bang... bang!

Historical Item

Name: M1917 Revolver

Category: Firearm

Size/weight: 11 in length, 2-3 lbs

Rarity: Moderately common

Value: Medium-Low

  • Launching high velocity projectiles at things you don't like
  • Scaring people with the threat of launching high velocity projectiles at them
  • I guess you could hit someone with it if you wanted to
  • Goes great with spurred boots and a ten-gallon hat

Description (ca. 1921):
During the Great War, several firearm manufacturers were contracted by the US Army to produce M1911s, the standard issue side arm for the army. However, manufacturers could not keep up with the demand, creating a shortage. To solve this issue, two prominent American revolver manufacturers, Colt and Smith & Wesson, were asked to rechamber their existing revolver models to fire the more potent .45 ACP cartridge.

After the Great War, the M1917 became popular with both civilians and police forces across the nation. While the look and feel was by no means unfamiliar compared to other revolvers, the .45 cartridge packed a greater punch than the common .38 and other smaller cartridges. With military surplus and newly manufactured M1917s on the market, buyers had a fine choice available for an inexpensive, but powerful death dealer.