An authentic image of Lucia

Fictional character

Name: Lucia King
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Itallian
Profession: Cleaner
Location: Lee's Posh Apartments

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Effective Caretaker
Stay at home mom powers
Accustomed to being pampered

Family friends often mention that Joseph is a spitting image of his mother (much to Joe's chagrin). While there are certainly similarities, Lucia has lush black hair compared to Joseph's brown hair. She is also a bit shorter than Joseph, and is a thinner build, almost gaunt with more defined features such as her cheekbones.

Biography (ca. 1921):
Born in southern Italy, Lucia ran off to America at a young age with her lover, Roberto. On the boat ride to America, Roberto and Lucia eloped, with the ceremony performed by an elderly (and slightly drunk) minister who was also journeying to the land of the free. Upon arriving at Ellis Island, Roberto stated that their family name was “King,” forsaking their families back in Italy. The pair made their way to Rochester where they settled down, primarily due to Lucia’s unexpected (but not unwelcome) pregnancy. Roberto found work in the city while Lucia stayed home to care for their new born child, Joseph.

Everything was going pretty well for the Kings. It may not have been the life they expected, but they got by without too much difficulty and they were happy. When the Great War came, Roberto went off to serve his new home and didn’t come back. Having never worked a day in her life, Lucia forced Joseph to go out and get a job to provide for the family. However, without any skills, Joseph was unable to find a job that would pay enough. As a result, Lucia and Joseph were forced to move into a dilapidated apartment in the poorer part of the city.

Unfortunately, Joseph’s current job at Archibald's Prosthetics still doesn’t pay enough to cover all their expenses. To help cover the rent, Lucia was forced to take a job as a cleaner at the apartment complex. Shamed and bitter, Lucia spends her days cleaning and he nights with her son, urging him to truly fill the role his father once did.