Lily around Halloween.

Fictional Item

Name: Lily

Category: Shrubbery

Size/weight: 22" high, 18" diameter

Rarity: Unique

Value: Unknown

Uses: Decoration

Description (ca. 1921):
A shrub that lives in the main lobby of Tawny Hills Apartments, Lily is the mysterious watcher of the main staircase. While this shrub is just your average shrub, her origins are unknown to the tenants of Tawny Hills. Some think the shrub has lived in the complex since before the building was built, others think it was a gift and named after one of the owner's ex-lovers, while the more rational (and boring) ones think the owner just purchased the shrub to make the lobby look nice. Nevertheless, Lily has a habit of collecting hats. Lost hats will find their way onto her head until the hatless owner reclaims it. In addition, festive hats will make their way onto her head during holiday seasons. Mouse, the cat of Tawny Hills, hates Lily and won't go near her as he was trained as a kitten not to sit on, and ruin, the shrub.

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