Fictional location

Name: Lexington Bakery

Category: Bakery

Size: Large shop with attached warehouse

Condition: Functional thought tired from all the use.

Inhabitants: Teddy who lives in a converted room in the warehouse.

Map Location: F1

Description (ca. 1921): A profitable bakery near the end of the the subway line for the northeast of Rochester. The bread is made fresh every day by the surrounding people who live in the surrounding area. Although never confirmed rumors that the bakery warehouse is also used as the brewing facilities for Studio 6.

Local residents confirm that only break and baked good are made within the confines of the bakery. The warehouse has also been know to house of some of Alfio Boscarino's muscle for hire and his low level people. The bakery is next to the subways that

Alfio Boscarino allegedly is using to smuggle drink between there and studio 6. Far enough away to be deniable but stable transportation.